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Solihull BID


Former Solihull BID Chair Andrew Cole is joining the NEC Group as revenue development director in January.

The new role will give the NEC additional expertise and specialist resource to bring new opportunities to the venue’s customers, partners and visitors.

The role will also have links to the International Convention Centre in Birmingham and the wider NEC Group.

Andrew has built a 20-year career in various roles across retail and hospitality sectors including Ramada Hotel Solihull, Arnos Manor Hotel, Bristol and Touchwood shopping centre.

Andrew said: “My roles in Solihull have given me good local knowledge of the NEC and, having visited many events in both a personal and professional capacity over the years, I believe I’ll be able to identify opportunities at the NEC with the teams quickly and help to further enhance the customer journey and commercial offering.”

Speaking of his time with Solihull BID, Andrew said: “I’m not ‘leaving’ the town centre at all as I will still be working locally. As a local resident, Solihull will still be my main shopping destination, so I have a vested interest in its vibrancy.

“Since the inception of the BID, the town centre has become safer, more prosperous and a much more enjoyable place to be. I’m proud to have been a part of this for the last nine years.

Andrew believes for the town centre to be successful and to maintain its prosperity key stakeholders must look at continued improvement.

“The town centre needs to be constantly innovating, looking for ways to grow and develop, attracting new businesses, staff and customers for new and exciting experiences – something the BID is perfectly placed to do.

“The BID is now a vital lifeline to vibrancy and prosperity in the town centre and it is great to see the council putting faith in the BID to be guardians of the town centre.

“Due to its nature as being effectively owned and run by the business rates payers we always have the quality and economic sustainability of the town as our first interest and the BID has been transformational in the events and initiatives that are delivered.

“I will miss being involved in shaping future initiatives but very much look forward to benefitting from them as a ‘local’.”