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People called Megan, Meghan or Harry can enjoy a complimentary Semilac manicure in the West Midlands on Saturday 12th May to celebrate the marriage of their namesakes a week later.

Nail experts at the Semilac UK HQ salon on the Warwick Road in Solihull will be applying the free UV hybrid treatments, which usually cost £35. Megans, Meghans and Harrys are asked to book and show photo ID on arrival before choosing from Semilac's range of 260 colours.

Semilac UK CEO Monika Shine commented: “We've noticed that more men have been booking nail treatments recently so we thought we would open up our free manicures to Harrys as well as ladies who share their name with the beautiful bride-to-be. Our offer is of course cordially extended to Meghan Markle and Prince Harry and, as Semilac lasts up to three weeks without chipping, their nails will still be looking good when the honeymoon is over!”

Semilac originated in Poland where it has nearly three quarters of the market share because of the quality of the product, which combines gel, nail polish and UV technology to create beautifully strong nails which last up to three weeks. The UK company launched in early 2016 and the 280 salons which are officially registered to stock Semilac enjoy a 12% trade discount compared to the online price.

Semilac's SemiFlash colour changing powder is Pure Beauty's current Best New Hands and Nail Product and Semilac Flash Sunlight Effect, which changes colour in UV light, has been shortlisted for a Pure Beauty Global Award.

Megans, Meghans and Harrys who would like to book a complimentary Semilac manicure on Saturday 12th May should call Semilac UK Solihull on 0121 7093784. The free UV hybrid treatments are subject to availability.

For more information about Semilac UK please visit, or email