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A rare species of monkey native to Solihull has been saved from extinction, and can now be spotted hanging out at Touchwood! 

The fate of the iconic Gordon the Monkey, which swung in the window of the Gordon Scott shoe shop on Solihull High Street since the 1960’s, was left unknown following the closure of the store. That is, until Touchwood stepped in to give the acrobatic little fella a new stage from which to perform. 

Gordon is now in residence just outside Coffee Lounge, where guests can enjoy his somersaulting skills once more. 

Lucy Burnett, marketing manager at Touchwood, comments: “Gordon’s iconic performances have been enjoyed by generations of Solihull residents for decades and we are delighted that we have been able to help continue this tradition by giving him a new home. We encourage all of his fans to come and see him in action, and have no doubt that Gordon will continue to delight locals of all ages for years to come.”

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