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Argent Energy pioneered the large scale commercial production of bio diesel in the UK and is now the UK’s foremost sustainable biodiesel producer and fuel supplier.

Who we Are

Established in 2001 and acquired by John Swire & Sons (Green Investments) Ltd in 2013, Argent Energy is a privately owned company with operations in Scotland and North West England. 

By producing environmental fuel, our aim is to continue contributing to the global battle against climate change and help the UK maximise the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions from transport.

We specialise in the supply of high grade, sustainable diesel for fleet operators, delivering to over 100 UK depots from Kent to Dundee. We aim to provide the best economic value to our customers and, with a range of greenhouse gas savings from our products, we can also provide best environmental value.

All the bio-­component of our diesel is made in the UK from waste fats and oils. This ensures it is the most sustainable available and we deliberately exclude any raw materials that could also be used for food or feed. Argent has two manufacturing facilities for waste-­based biodiesel and following a recent £75million investment, the production capacity will be 145 million litres per year.

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