Solihull Metropolitan Borough Council

SMBC place their customers at the heart of what they do and try to provide services that meet people's needs, are of a high quality and delivered in a cost effective way. 

They are clear about where they are heading, thanks to the involvement of local people and staff. This is set out in their Vision. SMBC also have a number of medium term goals, which they call their Customer Outcomes and ten priorities; again these have been influenced by local people and SMBC staff. 

They are rated as a 'Good' Council and perform well when compared with other councils. They have excellent schools, clean streets, nationally approved standards for parks, and some of the best libraries in the country. 

But they still want to improve services, working with a number of partners to offer the best services they can and ensure investment in the Borough. SMBC play a significant part in ensuring the economic vitality of the borough and the region, for example through the support they give to new and existing businesses.

Solihull for Success

Solihull for Success – a website for business advice, investment and relocation support and access to the latest news and information to find local jobs and training options. The Job seekers section allows Solihull residents to search for jobs and apply online, register for support from an employment advisor and find out about local recruitment events and activities. The website is also a one stop for local employers to: Promote their business on the business directory; recruit locally and promote vacancies; win local work and post tender opportunities and grow their businesses with specialist support and advice.